another suggestion for oh my bingo

Added 2011-04-16 15:25:12

Just another little suggestion for the future here at oh my bingo.

I like most of you receive lots of emails everyday from online bingo sites giving me codes for deposit bonus money, or sometimes just a code for some free bingo cash.

It would be great if we had a part of the site like the news reviews were we could share these codes with others.

On some sites i have gone on and deposited then heard someone ask if there is a deposit code for that day, I have missed out on extra bonus money a couple of times because i did not know that there was a code when i deposited.

It would be much easier to log in here and check out what offers were on the go than trail through heaps of emails.

Also some of us might have emails that others dont.

Lol Ben here is the bit you will love we could maybe earn 100 points for each post or even 50 points would do.

I know that at oh my bingo you listen to the suggestions that your players send in and have taken a few on board.

Back last August i suggested a link we could refer a friend via face book. Ben sent me an email saying that they were working on it and if and when they did there would be some points for me if i reminded him. Well last week when i found out you now can do that i emailed Ben with the original email he had sent me (i saved it for all of these months) and woo hoo i received 5000 points and got told i had a memory like and elephant lol.