Another win on Wink Bingo with my OMB points

Added 2010-03-29 14:54:19

Woohooo ... the points went on this morning and when I logged on I had £10 from OMB on Wink Bingo .. and the very first game I played I won £11.00 something. What a way to start a Monday eh?

So ... having done my little dance off I went to the slots again, that's the problem with slots, they draw me like the sirens draw the sailors.

I have a little thing where I sing to the slots prior to spinning but I was dreadfully off key today and as a result I didn't get anywhere. I did my usual 10 spins and if there was nowt worth mentioning I came out and went back in again. That didn't work either :-(

Am I fed up ?? Am I 'eck :-)

I went back into the bingo and in the chat some poor soul was saying they'd spent £100 without a win .... now THAT'S fed-up inducing. Me .. I spent not a bean and had a great time on the slots and I'm no worse off than when I started, you cannot BEAT that.

Of course I will now remember to loosen up my voice before I do the little song thing because that's OBVIOUSLY what went wrong with the system today :-)

Good luck all xxxxx