Another Withdrawal from City Bingo

Added 2011-04-13 21:25:33

Last night i decided to play a few games at city bingo as i still had quite a bit of money in my account from my deposit bonus.When i logged in i noticed that they had a pre buy game at 9 pm with a jackpot of £100.

This City bingo game was a 90 ball game 1 line £20 2 lines £30 and the full house £50. Tickets only cost 1p so i maxed out and bought 96 tickets.Then off i went to have a look about, i played a couple of 75 ball games then 1 game of the 90 ball bingo. By this time it was almost 9 pm so went in to the Eiffel tower room to watch the game that i had pre bought tickets for.There were 170 some thing players so thought i stand no chance here.Lol waiting for 1 tg for 1 and 2 lines then again for the full house. Woo hoo out came my number 88 but grrr i had to share, never mind still i won £25. I went back in to the 90 ball room and won the full house. So i was able to withdraw £30.

I did loose most of my bonus money, but i still have £8 odds left to play.