Any anyone tried Foxy Radio on Foxy Bingo

Added 2010-04-23 16:41:21

ive been a loyal regular member of the foxy bingo site for ages(cant say how long as cant remember lol) well anyway logged on tonight as usual and players in the room where i was playing kept mentioning a thing called tombola so i asked about it and low and behold they told me it on foxy radio.

Foxy radio i asked were do you listen to that they told me go to home page so i did and there it was right in front of me and id never even noticed it before lol.and to my suprise they play quizes and all kinds to win bps and money wow i must go around with my eyes closed. so tonight for first time i played along with quiz and won myself 3000 bps not bad for nothing i from now on will be playing along every tuesday and thursday now with out a doubt and be looking forward to it.the tombola turned out to be a free draw were a player gets picked out at ramdon and wins a cash prize and tonights prize was a wooping £1000 in bingo cash for doing nothing just entering a free to play draw x roll on tuesdays and thursdays.