Any Good Sites Like Ladbrokes Bingo Please

Added 2011-05-21 06:51:37

Hi everyone i was just wondering if there was any good bingo sites lately that anyone has been playing? .. lately i have been focused a lot on Ladbrokes and Sky bingo.

Ladbrokes bingo I have done well on I have some wins now and then and they do great promotions everyday.. they have a bout 6 different promotions running at the same time..

Sky bingo is a good site they give you £20 free when you deposit £5 or more on there but, I do find it very hard to win anything on there... the most i have won is about £3 to be fair but that maybe just my luck on there as I do win a bit on Ladbrokes.. you can't win on every site ayee lol.

But i was thinking maybe i need a change as i play a lot of the same bingo sites.. I like sites with no wagering, No big bonuses to wager and i like sites where they give away free gifts and sites that are fair when it comes to paying out.. If there are any ideas please could you let me know i fancy a change lol But good luck to you all and i hope you win big xxx