Any Thoughts About Online Bingo Wagered Sites

Added 2011-04-19 10:28:58

Hi all .. what do you think about wagering on sites? do you think its fair.. ive only ever played on 2 wagered sites and it was a big big mistake..  was done out of withdrawing my money twice and they were both wagering sites... 

I don't think its fair to have to wager your own winnings before you can take any money yourself ... alot of bingo sites are hard to win on... but when you get wagering sites it makes it so hard to withdraw can never really win? See, this is the catch!

Although some sites offer these fantastic bonuses... in small print it will have the wagering requirements... some sites want you to wager 4x the amount you put on and 4x the amount of bonus... so you think your getting a good deal when your actually making it  harder for yourself when you deposit alot and get a bigger bonus!...since i was ripped off i will never ever join a wagering site again... I think its beyond a joke. How can they can make you wager your own winnings before being able to withdraw any yourself? Do you not agree?

At least with an online bingo site with no wagering you know you can withdraw any of your winnings right? xx