Anyone thought about the possbility of psychic Bingo

Added 2010-05-04 16:30:03

I was browsing through a magazine yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) and I came across the psychic page. I'm not really into that but I did notice a little article on the side where they had a photo of a key and they reckoned that if you put your finger on the pic and wished for something it would come true. Obviously I pressed hard on the picture and wished I would be lucky on the bingo.

I decided to come and play a bit of bingo and logged on to Moon Bingo where I was surprised to see my OMB points had been put on, that's unusual for a Bank Holiday. I played and won a full house, I played again and won a share of a full house, I played a third time and got a line and then I won AGAIN on another game. I play lots and lots of bingo but never in my LIFE have I won four games more or less on the trot. I didn't push my luck and decided to withdraw :-)

Was it just luck or did that psychic picture have something to do with it?

I'm going to make sure I follow the phsycic page from now on and I'll be touching and wishing on all the pictures they care to print. lol