Appreciation of CM tickleickle

Added 2011-09-08 16:48:53

I know this is probably what a hundred other users have already said but I want to do a big shout out to the CM that goes by the name of 'tickleickle' or something to that effect. I have joined other websites with CM's and know that they can sometimes be a bit annoying, intimidating or overly chatty but tickle has got the combination of all three more than anyone else. Of course I am joking, when I joined the free bingo room for the first time yesterday she was more than welcoming and very accomodating if I had any issues. At the same time as myself being in the chatroom playing bingo my mother and grandmother were also.

We had a conversation full of banter and laughs and the rest of the members in the chatroom seemed to enjoy the conversation also. My mother has been an avid fan of tickle since she joined the site back in January and we all made a joke that my mother would ring me and tell me all about 'tickle'... but only good things. I'm sure that we all have our dark side though and 'tickle' is no exception to this, she seems very nice but extremely naughty at the same time. I am sure I not the only person who would sit at their computer and raise their metaphorical champagne glass to 'tickle'! Big up the tickle... I look forward to our banter filled future together on OhMyBingo!