April Showers are coming BGO Bingo

Added 2016-04-02 08:55:00

It’s raining prizes at BGO Bingo. Normally, we’re not a fan of April Showers. However, we’re more than happy to see these showers! Every Friday-Sunday in April, it’s time for a giveaway. Bingo prizes are everywhere! Will you grab one?

The Fairy Delight Room is where the magic happens. You’ll have to appear present and correct at 9.30pm. The best bit? You can play all throughout the weekend. Miss out on a prize on Friday and you’ll have another shot on Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets cost just 5p each. They are a bargain! What’s more, with this 5p you could walk away with a huge cash prize. Imagine perking up your weekend with a huge cash influx! Whenever you make bingo, you’ll win the cash amount of the number you bingo on. Therefore, if you bingo on number 45 then you’ll win £45. Bingo on number 60 and you’ll take home £60. It’s super simple! To make it even sweeter, if you bingo on 9 then the site will round it up to £10.

Three prizes are available to be claimed in every game. Will you take home one of them? Embrace the April Showers at BGO Bingo.