Are men put off joining sites like 888Ladies Bingo

Added 2011-02-25 15:10:43

With more and more men now playing bingo on line i was wondering if sites like 888 ladies bingo posh bingo which is designed obviously with women in mind, put you men off joining.

Or is it just a case off joining up to a site that takes your fancy with lots of good offers.

One of the first tv ads i can remember ( before i played paying sites on line ) was for 888 ladies, my son just loved that tv ad and would come running to get me every time it came on. It was the one where the men were dressed up as ladies coming down some stairs.

Going by lots of  our user names you often cant tell if some one is male or female do you men tend to find that we female just assume that you are female until we find out different.

I wonder why bingo is played mostly by women, maybe because most men are out working all day and women are more likely to be at home with the kids or work part time.

My husband has played a few times on a free site and quite enjoyed it, a couple of time he has bought tickets for me here but wont chat. Lol i tell him it is rude and just to say hi or ty if i get a win.