Are online bingo sites wasting money with tv ads

Added 2011-05-06 16:21:55

There are so many different online bingo sites advertising on tv now. Do any of these ads influence where you decide to play? I first got in to the world of online bingo via a free site. Before i ever played bingo online i had noticed bingo sites advertising on tv either with ads or by sponsoring a tv programme. But seeing this it never ever made me want to try online paying sites.

It was only after playing at a free site for over a year that i ventured to paying sites. Even then none of the tv ads made me want to go and play at any of the sites. When i first joined paying sites i would only join sites that were recommended by others.Since joining OhMyBingo i have only joined sites that i have seen advertised here and read reviews left by others.

The paying bingo sites must spend millions with all of their ads. It just makes you wonder if they are wasting there money. Once you get in to the world of online bingo you soon learn which sites are good to play at and which to avoid.

Most if not all of the sites that advertise on tv i am already a member of and i bet that most of us are the same. I just cant imagine that someone who has never played on linebingo before will be sitting watching a tv ad and thinking oh i might go and play online bingo.

I think the way to get more people playing online bingo is via sites like this, we get our friends that have never played online bingo to join up then once they realise how much fun it is they will soon move on to paying sites.