Are some UK bingo players sore losers

Added 2010-03-24 15:05:25

Hmm you know whats all that about, im sick of feeling guilty if theres a full moon and i win a game or two and then every one starts saying taxi? it makes you feel realy uncomfortable,we all pay our money and we all know its a gamble,so why are some people so bitter?

Fair enough in some online bingo games its frustrating seeing the same winners over and over again but if i was one of the same winners id be loving it, lets all stop saying taxi or winging at the winners its realy not fair, ive know some people to dileberatly stay out of chat because they are winning and feel realy guilty, on the other hand you get the peeps that say wow hun your on a roll, keep up the good work etc etc its them peeps that make the chat and winning alot nicer, also the cms help alot by making similar comments, i realy think some people should try and be more congratulating to the lucky winners and let them enjoy there roll of luck while it lasts.

This is just my personal experience,not everyones but come on every one lets make the chat in bingo a nicer place.