Are the Lotto Points Fair

Added 2011-04-14 17:39:01

After spending 12 precious gold coins on becoming a master, I then upgrade to possible 4000 lotto points, although I already had purchased the possible 3000 points quite a while ago now. I must admit  though , I thought although it does say possible 4000 points, that I would be able to receive more points on the lotto., but to my dismay... I now find that since the introduction of the bronze coins into the lotto, I have in fact been getting a lot less points than I was actually getting before I upgraded, this I do not think is fair , as it makes you think that we are being penalised on points, in order to some times receive up to 10 bronze  coins instead of points.

I do not know if any one else has found this discrepancy in their lotto points too, and would appreciate it, if you would let me know if you have, as I am sure that I can not be the only one, that this is happening to, and lets face it at 10 points per ticket (240) to max, these points do not last very long, and therefore we find we just can not play for as long as we would lilke, thus giving us even less chance of winning the coins that we need, in order to purchase the prizes that we are saving for on ohmybingo.