Are There Any No Deposit Bingo Sites Out There

Added 2011-06-28 05:45:13

Hi everyone i was just wondering is there any bingo site that you know where you get cash for free without even depositing? i have heard a lot about them but am not sure of any there is only 1 no deposit bingo site that i know and it is called bingo cams they give you a free fiver without even depositing and not only that if you wager on the required amount and you are lucky enough to win some them you can withdraw from it... how great is that? you can withdraw out of free money without even depositing..

I am not sure of any other online bingo site that does this. I have heard that a few do and some people said that they have managed to bank up to £150 on free money without even depositing? please tell me of any of these sites lol i hear alot in the bingo room 2 and i get so eager to ask but i can't ask as you are not allowed to mention other bingo sites in chat... it get's so frustrating so please please let me know of any of these sites but i know about bingo cams.. thank you very much all xxxxxx