Are there computer generated names at Costa Bingo

Added 2010-07-15 17:56:07

In may I joined costa bingo and as you may know you get 24 hours in the first time depositors free room which was brill. The next day I invited my bloke to join too because I won quite abit in the room and it cost me nothing to play. He too enjoyed playing in the first time depositors 24 hour free room. Afew days after that I invited my youngest daughter to join too because this free bingo room seemed really good. But that was when we noticed the same names winning in that room as was winning when I joined days ago. We were getiing really suspicious by now as we couldn't get back into that room after 24 hours was up, so how could the same names be winning days later.

To cut a long story short in the end there was 6 of us that joined over a period of 19 days, with the same names winning on every day we were in that room. We had collected a list of 11 names that should not have been in that room. I contacted Costa Bingo about it because we were fuming about this, the 6th person that joined counted 70 wins from the players on our list that should not have been there. I gave Costa 5 names off my list. They took 2 weeks even to acknowledge me with some rubbish about player confideniality.

This was a really serious matter either computer generated names or allowing certain players to take more than 50% of the so called prize money meant for newbies. I logged in a little while ago and 2 of those names were still playing and winning on Costa. Whether the names are computer generated or they are allowing players who are not first time depositors in that room I will probably never find out.