Are there really the same winners

Added 2010-03-09 09:32:31

I'm sure we've all been on bingo sites and either seen someone chuntering about 'same winners', or maybe even had a little moan to ourselves or our partners about it. It does seem that sometimes the same people win over and over again doesn't it? I reckon it's all down to luck and that at some point we'll all have a day like that, one where we can never seem to lose an online bingo game.

Apparently I had one of those days on Cheeky bingo, on the freebie games to be precise. As I was playing in 3 or 4 of their free rooms, I wasn't aware that my progress was being monitored so closely. It wasn't until I was in one of the rooms with the chat box open that I realised I was the subject of a hot debate. Somebody remarked in chat (for the purpose of this story I'll say my username was Minnie)... 'that Minnie must be loaded now'. I thought, surely they can't mean me? I asked in chat if it was me they were referring to and they said 'yes'. I was a bit gobsmacked really that I was being chuntered about as a 'same winner'. After all, when i looked at my balance I had won a whopping £3.57 lololol

Just goes to show that some people will moan about anything :-)