Are there the same winners at different online bingo sites

Added 2010-07-16 17:41:08

hi there was just sitting here wondering whether a no deposit bingo site can or would fix there game so that the same people or persons can win there free and paid games i am a member of  quite a few paid and free site ( well nearly all them lol ) i am realy sick of going on some of these site and entering the bingo rooms and nearly every game you see the same names popping up as winners .

i mean come on we all can have a lucky day but surely we cant be that lucky i mean day in and day out . i have had one or two lucky days of the years but i also have days weres  my luck is just none existant . when you log onto sites you expect a fair game but hey what you sometime get is not exactly that . so take note the online bingoing sites please make it a fair game for all that play and not just a select few who seem to always win .thats why i like this site cause i always seem to get a fair game with a equal chance of having a win at oh my bingo x