Are we all sitting comfortably in our bingo chairs

Added 2010-03-28 10:58:50

If you are anything like me you may spend a lot longer at your pc than you mean to ... I always 'mean to' get up and do something but then I remember there's some fab free bingo game with a big pot somewhere .. or even a little pot ... and here I am finding myself sat here for too long.

I have things like tea making facilities just one step away from the pc and I have the pc far enough away from the front door that I don't hear when someone knocks lolol. All sorted? Well no ... there are somethings we could be doing to make our marathon online bingo stays at the pc more comfortable.

*Dons Health and Safety hat*

1. If you are staring at a pc screen for any length of time it's a good idea to go away from the screen every 20 mins and focus on something in the distance for a few mins  ( preferably look out of a window ). This enables your eye muscles to get a bit of excercise and will help stop "eye strain" and possible resulting headaches.

2. The room should be well lit and there shouldn't be any reflected glare on the pc screen

3. If you are sitting for any length of time the best position is for your back to be straight,and the angles at your hips and knees to be 90 degrees .. and don't sit cross legged. Feet flat on the floor. The screen should be straight in front of you so you're not looking up or down for any length of time

4. It's not a good idea sit still for any length of time so have a little walkabout every half hour.

5. If you use a mouse be aware that the distance of the mouse from you may need adjusting now and again so that your wrist isn't in the same position for long hours.

6. Munching at the pc is something I am tempted to do so don't buy family sized bags of anything coz the next thing you know they're all gone and you won't eat your tea :-)

Happy online bingo playing and good luck all :-)