Are you a Bingo Head Online

Added 2010-08-20 17:37:18

Just a thought, but it is no wonder the game of bingo either in clubs all round the UK or online bingo sites is so popular, as i think it is oh so addictive.  I love playing online bingo rather than going to clubs as it is so much more personal and comfortable, although i do like odd occasion going to land bingo, is it just me but it really does get the heart pumping when you are waiting for that 1tg lol.

To me, bingo is a getaway from the stress of normal day life because when you are concentrating hard on your bingo cards online or in club it takes your mind of any problems and worries for a little while :) )) )

I must admit i am really addicted but it is really my only vice lol i love and hate the mr maker of bingo as it can be so expensive and that is why i spend so much time here on this site because it is so rewarding and best of all good to the purse.  So asking you all, are you a bingo addict ? or just a occasional player?