Are you new to online bingo

Added 2010-04-14 16:59:01

I've been reading some of the comments on the news reports and it struck me that not everyone is an old hand at online bingo.

If you are new then GOOD LUCK to you .. and Good Luck if you're not new too ... lololol

A few tips here might help you along the way.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read the Terms and Conditions of any site you join BEFORE you deposit. The well established and busy sites are usually okay, that's why they are busy.  If a site does not let you look at the T&C's before you deposit then alarm bells should ring.

Be aware that No Deposit Bonuses are usually subject to conditions such as : You can't withdraw any winnings from them and you lose them when you deposit.

When you have cash AND bonus money such as the points from OMB ... (which you should NOT lose when you withdraw because the bingo site itself didn't award them ) ... then your cash will be played BEFORE the bonus money.

Bonus money can only be played on bingo and not the side games.

And last but not least ... you may come across other bingo comparison sites on the net but OhMyBingo is THE BEST bar NONE :-)


Good luck all :-)