Are you Online Lucky or Bingo Unlucky

Added 2010-08-24 08:26:11

Lucky or unlucky, that is my question?  Have you ever noticed whichever online bingo site you go on to the same names seem to win all the time?  Are these people lucky?  You see me, I am one of the unluckiest players in the world....if i need number 5 to win then someone will win on 4 or 6, it's guaranteed every time!

I'm even unlucky when it comes to buying my tickets, how many times have i quickly glanced at the ticket price and bought max tickets thinking its a 5p game only to find out too late than i've just spent £ 12.00 on a 50p game or thinking its 10p a ticket and spending £24.00 on a pound game ... its gutting cos i still never win ... 

On the other end of the spectrum, my partner is one of the luckiest players around. He can buy 1 £1.00 ticket and win the full house, he's done that 3 times now and then he gloats about it which does my head in even more ... So come on every one own up which are you ... Are you the lucky one whose name wins all the time or are you like me the one who sits there cursing under your breath cos cos your the unluckiest player in the world?