Are you ready to climb the Miracle Money Ladder at Bingo MagiX

Added 2014-05-09 13:04:25

At Bingo MagiX, one does not need a reason to celebrate for the site is always studded in with loads of offers to indulge in for. Now with the sunny season shining upon us, the rooms look even more magical than before. Join Bingo MagiX today.

Just for a simple daily log in at Bingo MagiX, you will receive free £1 cash. Yes – you will! So, guess how much can you make it in a month? There is an awesome free £31 to fill in to your account straight away. To pile up your pounds, ensure to log in to the site on a daily basis.

Besides the free bonus, it is not possible that Bingo MagiX rooms will get empty of jackpots. This month too, the site is fixed up with some great valued jackpot prizes. An interesting one to mention is the “Miracle Money Ladder” where in you can get lucky to win yourself the big cash worth £25,000.

Every single day there are 4 jackpot games to play. Also, the cash prize affixed to the games increases each day to higher values. In all there is cash up to £25,000 to win for the month of May. Additionally, there is cash up to £11,250 to win assorted accordingly to the jackpot offerings allotted for the month. And, they are the daily, weekly and monthly specials. On a daily basis there are the 75 ball jackpots to play and win cash worth £250. Following this are the 80 ball weekly jackpots offering cash worth £500 to win. Finally there is 90 ball bumper jackpots dated for 31st May with incredible cash offering worth £1500 to win.

If you are ready to scoop out your share, you got to be in Bingo MagiX at the earliest! There is a lot more than the above to add to your gaming experience. Check this amazing online bingo site out today.