Are you saving for a prize on OhMyBingo

Added 2011-04-21 10:14:57

Hi everyone just a quick update on how you are all doing and how many coins you have saved up so far? ive saved up 19 bronze 7 silver and 48 gold... so im getting closer towards getting my camera lol... how many coins have you got and what are you saving for? are you close to getting what you want at OhMyBingo?

I've looked at my last post i've done  when i updated asking how many coins everyone had and what they are saving for. I have won a good amount of gold latley and i hope to keep it up lol... how long does it usually take to save up for a big prize like wii or the camera? if you have had one? ... its taken me a while to save up the 48 gold... i recently spent 40 gold on a box of chocs which i don't regret doing as they was so yummy lol... but im hoping by september october to have my camera so please wish me luck and good luck to you all on what you are saving for xx