Arithmetic Classes amidst Bingo Play at Bingo MagiX

Added 2012-09-26 10:57:06

Arithmetic is really fun! Most of you will not agree to this, for at times solving those problems was so troublesome. Well, now there is something to change your views! Especially, if you are a Bingo MagiX player, you can actually leave behind the stress of getting the accurate answers. All that you will have to do is just log into Bingo MagiX and purchase the bingo tickets for the promotion “Back to School” at the Maths Lab room. Games to play are the 75 ball pattern bingo games and there are three patterns that you will have to bingo. The patterns are Arithmetic symbols like greater than (<), less than (>) and equal to (=). Every single day for the month of September is dedicated with the fun of giving these bingo games. If you wish to get back to school and take away some fantastic rewards, here is a chance to do so. Collecting all the three patterns together will make a set. And, every set that you collect will give you £10 bingo bonus. There is something more connected to this offer. Hitting a bingo on as many patterns as possible can let you click on the additional bingo bonuses.

Each of the patterns is associated with an extra bonus prize. Collect an extra 15% bingo bonus of your deposits for the week, when you make a maximum number of bingo wins on the pattern “<”. Receive a 25% extra when you make bingo on the pattern “>”. And, there is a 35% to receive when you hit a bingo on the “=” sign. Therefore, collect as many patterns as possible to take away the extra bingo bonus prizes. You need to rush in soon, before the fun ends. Whilst playing the games, keep a watch on the leader board to keep a tab on your scores. Good Luck to all! Read more.