Auto Button and Going Out of Chat on OhMyBingo

Added 2012-05-20 06:53:46

I love the auto button i find it great specially when i got things to do round the house. Also i got a 2 year old to look after so it sometimes hard to chat when you got a young child at home. I have noticed some people dont like the auto button because more people are going occ instead of chatting.  I have noticed i have bin going occ more since auto button  was introduced. It is not helping chat the auto button, and it not fair on cms who wanting to play cg but dont have enough players to play because there is more people occ then in chat. The cms do a great job on oh my bingo and put alot of there own time up to make the chat games fun like quizes. Also when new member who have just joined and most people are occ and no one is chatting, the new members will get bored and might not come back because some players enjoy chatting then playing bingo. i was think what could help  to solve this problem, which is put a max on games you can put on auto buy but not remove. This problems needs to be dealt with because more players are occ then in chat.