Autobuy on Cheeky Bingo for Free Bingo

Added 2010-08-24 08:09:13

Well it's about time they introduced autobuy in the free rooms everywhere but actually they are only on the go on Cheeky Bingo as far as I'm aware.

So off I went and autobought for a few games, thinking I'd probably get a tickle somewhere along the line.

The only "drawback" is that you have to stay in the room otherwise the auto is cancelled ... so it means that you can really only play one room if you go away from the pc...which I do frequently.

Anyway ... I've given it a whirl over the past few days .... surely I'd get at least a few bob ??????

Nope ... nought, nadda, zilch, nothing, nowt.

It suddenly dawned on me why .... about 25 million other people had the same bright idea as me and so the free bingo room is a tad top heavy with players now ... lololol.

It's occured to me that if it looks too good to be true it IS too good to be true so it's back to the drawing board for me .. I now have to hatch a brand new plan to make my first million from online bingo :-)

Good luck all xxx