Avoid Bulldog Bingo

Added 2015-10-26 11:56:18

Bulldog Bingo was a very small site out there and it is also another conning site, they had exclusive rooms which i like and was only arond 3 players with 2 main games of £20. with a £20 deposit i managed to win like over £80, over a few days the other 2 players who mainly played were playing using euros/ they closed account for no reason and the owner Gemma was very rude. the site treated me like s***,. they null and voided my £80, which i was very upset about. i wrote a post about bingo extra too how they ripped me off for something little, i contacted bulldog and they didnt give me a reaosn for blocking me i joined their sister sites a few weeks later (which i didnt know about) bingo palace is its name, and i deposited £10 and within 10 mins i wa sbanned and they didnt issue my £10 back which i didnt even spend!!! been ripped off 138 and now 80 but this one from bulldog was from 4 month back the bingo extra was like 2 weeks ago and won the 138 on bingo extra on 24th oct

what i hate is when its vioded and nulled the site takes advantage of the money and its not fair i paid for the cards i should get the funds, please avoid these 2 sites they ripped me off big time