Back on the Ball with News Reports

Added 2012-11-16 10:37:16

Ok i am back on the ball with news reports, well i will have to now if i want to be able to play as much which i definitely do.

Most days i would use 55 silver coins for 30,000 points which is roughly what i would go through in a day maybe a little less. I have always been extremely lucky on OhMyBingo and almost always won enough silvers to buy 30,000 points for the next day. When my silver coins started to go down i would use my bronze coins for a day to let my silvers build up a little.

Since the gold exchange came back i have tried to win enough silver not only to be able to play with but to use 300 to be able to use the gold exchange but grrrr no such luck. I have managed a couple of times to get close to the 300 but lately i have struggle to get over 200 silver.

The last two days i have tried maxing and had a couple of wins but mostly i have had to stay playing with 24 tickets so that i dont run out of points for the day.

I am now down to 13 bronze and 100 silver, i do have golds but i don't want to have to use them i love to save them and want to buy some more tickets for the ipad competition.