Bag a samba surprise at Rio Bingo

Added 2016-05-11 06:58:00

Rio Bingo is famously the most exotic bingo site on the web. A party is round every corner! At Rio Bingo, they’re always finding new ways to keep things interesting. With the new ‘Samba Surprise’ promo, the site has definitely found a cool, new way to shake things up! These games take place every single day, so you have plenty of chances to play for a mystery bingo prize. Are you ready for a Samba Surprise?

The games begin at 9:15am and continue every 2 hours until 6:15pm. Thereafter, you’ll be able to play one every hour from 7:15pm until 11:30pm.

We hope you can handle a bit of mystique as you won’t know which prize you’ll be playing for until right before the game starts. No prizes will be revealed until the previous game has ended. Your prize is sure to be lucrative. You could be playing for real cash, bonus cash or even Rio points.

As Rio Bingo is a mobile site, the Samba Surprise games are also available to be played using your mobile or tablet device. Grab your tickets on the go and get playing. A bingo surprise awaits you when you play at Rio Bingo!