Bake Me a Cake I am Loving This Site

Added 2016-08-09 17:41:32

Hello bingini's, Never posted on here before so not sure what it put BUT........ I played on CupCake Bingo and was very happy until I didn't get my spin of the wheel of lushness (my saying I use) so I contacted support who said they'd look into it, I received an email saying they would give me 10 free spins (which I won £3.09 on) and thought nothing of it BUT then got another email saying how sorry they were and they had credited my account with £10 Bingo Bonus Money!! WHAT THE #@£%?? How lovely of them to not only remember me but to do that too, Plus logged on today to another email saying they have credited my account with 2,680 bonus coins for being a loyal player!! Don't want to rave (Big Fish, Little Fish, build a box lalala) about them but its not often you come across a site like them, Plus when they response they put XXX's at the end of their emails.... Just like me.... Off to cook a slag bol so Thankyou & Goodnight xxxx,