Banish Monday Blues With Happy Hour at Sparkling Bingo

Added 2014-07-27 10:05:15

If you're one of those peoples who get all down on a Monday, then it's time to shimmy on over to Sparkling Bingo to chase those blues away. Sparkling has a happy hour every Monday that is bound to bring the glow back to your cheeks and cheer you up! There are so many prizes to be won, let's take a sneak prize at the scintillating super sized prizes they have lined up for you! Read more on Sparkling Bingo.

Every Monday at Sparkling between 4pm and six o clock is Happy Hour. Remember, you have to have bought tickets to be eligible to win the gleaming chat game prizes. The best thing about Happy Hour is it creates a real party atmosphere in the chat rooms and is a whole heap of fun.

If you're a powerhouse of general knowledge and celeb gossip then you'll love the Pub Quiz chat game with bonus £5 prizes on ten easy peasy questions. The generous CM's at Sparkling are beaming with delight, they're giving away double points on all hosted chat games during Happy Hour too! So many freebies, so little time, two hours of fun, fast games that are sure to be a bright start to your week!

Shine bright like a diamond and be a clever spark - Sparkling are currently offering a natty first deposit bonus of 15 ponds when you deposit just ten. Reload during happy hour and you'll also receive a 100% redeposit bonus. Add some sparkle to your life and sign up now, roomies!

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