Banned from online bingo they said I was abusing the bingo bonus

Added 2010-07-30 17:22:26

Unfortunately this happend to me the other week, not only from one site but a whole network!  The reason being, they said I was abusing bingo bonus money.  The way I played was, if I had a win, I would withdraw it then redeposit to gain the reload bonus, this way of playing was actually told to myself and other players a couple of years back by a CH on one of the networks sites, so in my opinion I was doing nothing wrong!  Obviously I was! 

This has not only resulted in me being banned, they are also withholding my winnings of £1000, and I don't think there is a thing I can do about it.  I had a big win last year at one of their sites, so taking this into consideration I probably have won more than I have lost over the 3 years I have been playing bingo.   I have read on other forums of people being banned from a certain site (on the same network as i am talking about)  for similar reasons, and when requesting withheld funds they are being told that they have cashed in more than they have deposited.  The way it seems to me is that people are being penalised for being non profitable to the company.  Any thoughts or similar online bingo experiences anyone?