Be a Bright Spark. Become a VIP at Bright Bingo

Added 2016-02-20 11:36:00

Calling all bingo lovers? Rewards are raining down at Bright Bingo. If you haven’t become a member already then now is the time. This site boasts one of the best loyalty programmes on the web. Bingo bonuses, bingo prizes and even free spins could be yours as you work your way up the levels. They say there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. It’s certainly true at this site. The Bright Bingo rainbow is your path to a bright future.

You’ll collect experience (XP) points for all balance cash you spend on bingo. £1 equals 1 XP point. When you begin collecting points, you’ve officially begun your journey up the ladder. Since this is Bright Bingo, the loyalty levels are colour coded. Start off as a green level member and work through the next 8 levels till you become a Gold player.

Gold level players are privy to some amazing perks. Not only do they have their own special account manager, they can also look forward to weekly free spins and lots of reload bonuses. Join Bright Bingo and brighten up your week; every week. They know how to treat loyal members!