Be a Jackpot Hero at Jackpot Joy

Added 2014-10-16 10:12:11

There’s a special sort of prize draw taking place at Jackpot Joy this winter because they have the ability to make you a jackpot hero! Fancy your chances? Here’s how you get involved:

Simply play bingo! It really is that easy! You’ve got from now until Thursday 11th December to get involved by playing along and waiting for your chance to automatically become £500 richer as the jackpot hero!

The best thing about this promotion is that there’s a hero to be made every day! That’s right, there will be a jackpot hero message announced at least once a day, and all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for it, and make sure you’ve wagered something in the 20 minutes before the message appeared and you could be that day’s jackpot hero!

The message won’t appear at the same time every day, and in some days there will be more than one message, offering more players the chance to become jackpot heroes! But you can only be a hero if you get involved, so make sure you head to Jackpot Joy over the next few weeks, where simply playing your favourite games could pocket you a surprise jackpot!