Be a Self Made Millionaire at Moon Bingo

Added 2013-10-01 08:00:30

Attention all roomies. If you're a well-organised player and you get a kick from prebuying, then make sure you prepurchase a few tickets now for the Self Made Millionaire game at Moon Bingo.

This plays on the third Thursday of every month at 10 PM – £1000 is guaranteed, but if your numbers come up really quickly, you can win £1 million. Cards for this are 25p, so it's definitely worth buying a few in advance – you never know, you could forget all about the tickets, and at the end of the month, discover that you're a millionaire. Join Moon Bingo today.

I love Moon, because there is a special little character who flits in and out of the rooms. Her name is the Moon Fairy, and if you see her, and give her a virtual bikini gift, she'll throw dozens of free bingo chips in your direction.

And finally, be sure to grab cards now for the Share the Wealth game – this is every Saturday night, and if you cover the Golden Ticket pattern, you'll win tickets for a £200 game.

Sign at Moon now for £20 free play when you join – all it takes is an initial £10 bonus to trigger that free bingo bonanza.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.