Be an Angel and Win at Costa

Added 2014-08-20 08:41:35

Are you a goody two shoes, or are you the devil in disguise Costa have a seriously good competition for you to win real cash, but might leave you in a real dilemma. This promotion may be called Be An Angel, but you'll need to think long and hard about if you are a celestial being, or a little more down to earth. Read more on Costa Bingo.

There are two games left of the four that made up this promotion and they play both tonight and tomorrow night at 9.30pm. Cards are just two pence each and there's a one hundred and fifty quid real cash jackpot up for grabs. But here's the twist - Costa will then offer you an extra fifty quid of bonus cash, which you can either keep.....or be an angel and gift it to  a friend instead? It's your choice, so what will you do? I'd like to think I'd be generous and give it away.....

Be An Angel day is this Friday, and is all about helping to try and make the world a nicer place, simply through little acts of kindness, support and care. It encourages people to put others before themselves and try to help people less fortunate or just having a hard time. Who wouldn't want to help bring more light, love and laughter into someone else's life? Well I suppose that depends on how kind spirited you are, and this giveaway could certainly put that to the test!

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