Be Happy for Other Free Bingo Winners

Added 2010-08-28 17:41:57

hi all after becoming a CM I have been watching the chat constantly and now more than ever i notice a lot of different things. One thing i notice is that if someone wins a few games there seems to be jealousy amongst some.  Why can't people just be happy for those winning? We all have good and bad days, some we may win one or two others we may win ten times but this shouldn't matter. We are all playing the same game everyone buys their tickets some max out some dont the choice is individual. Just think to yourself though how bad someone might feel after reading comments in the chat at times it isn't very friendly.

I come on to have fun chat with roomies and if i win its a bonus. I am truely happy for anyone who wins as at the end of the day its all a game of luck and chance. I will also point out after spotting a comment in the chat room us CM's do it VOLUNTARY we do NOT recieve anything for doing it other than knowing we are keeping our roomies happy. We use all our own points to play our free bingo while cm'ing so we have just as much chance as anyone else at winning. I know myself and am sure emmy and bonbon will agree since cm'ing i seem to be spending all my coins on points 90% of the time i use to anyway but this doesn't bother me as i love playing and cm'ing.

Anyway moan over lol lets have a happy room with happy roomies winning lots of coins and points :D gl everyone

lou xxx