Be in the clover with Rollover Bingo free lottery lines

Added 2010-11-05 15:45:09

We all know how exciting the game of online bingo is -- that's why we play it, right?  But Rollover  Bingo have added a sensational new twist, that makes our beloved game even more exciting, and even more nailbiting than ever before.  That's because every time you buy bingo tickets at Rollover Bingo, you get free lines on the national lottery.

And it's so easy to play – for every fiver you spend on tickets at Rollover Bingo, you get a free syndicated line on the next national lottery draw.  And to make it even easier to win, you go into a syndicate of 49 players.  It's worth bearing in mind that one in four lottery jackpot wins are made by syndicates -- so luck really is on your side when you play at Rollover Bingo.

If your lucky numbers come up and you get five balls or above, the winnings get shared out between everybody in the syndicate.  But if you get a cheeky little three or four ball win, Rollover Bingo give you that amount in bonus points, for you to reinvest in bonus tickets.

Thousands of Rollover Bingo players have already become winners -- will you be their next big one?  There's only one way you're going to find out.  Register at Rollover Bingo today for your free bingo bonus, and to start collecting those lucky lines.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.