Be the Third for Tidys New Progressive Jackpot

Added 2014-07-21 09:01:13

It’s nice to have good news to report, and Tidy Bingo are spreading the word about their new progressive jackpot and the fact that it’s been won twice in fewer than 10 sessions. It’s an exclusive to Tidy players, and there are also guaranteed jackpot hours in the same game this July.

Tidy’s first exclusive progressive jackpot can only be won in the Tidy Cupboard. The room – playing 90-ball games – opens each Tuesday night from 7pm to 11pm. It’s the beating heart of Tidy Bingo – the place where you might just meet the site’s owners and get a chance to have your say on the site: the Roomie of the Month and Guaranteed Jackpot Hour are both the result of Cupboard chats.

The progressive jackpot starts at £75 and can be won by calling a bingo in 44 balls or fewer. Like all progressive jackpots, the prize fund grows as game tickets are sold, so the more players there are the bigger the pot. Once it’s won, it resets to £75.

That 44 ball limit is generous – it’s better for players in Tidy’s networks by one – and that’s why two Tidy players are already celebrating wins.

The first winner, called Heidi, won in just the second session the jackpot was available, squeaking in with a single call left to pocket £80.53. It was won again just four sessions later when BAZINGA also snagged £81.25 – not a bad return for her investment of 60p on tickets.

The Tidy Cupboard also has guaranteed prize funds in the popular Tidy and the Troops game which opens the room each Tuesday. And, in July you can enjoy an hour of £10 games with tickets at 10p from 9pm.

So head along to Tidy now, get the keys to the cupboard and you could be cleaning up this month. You can sign up to Tidy Bingo by clicking here.