Beacon Bingo does Wimbledon

Added 2011-06-24 09:21:41

Hi all

I just thought I would pop in and tell you about the tennis promo at Beacon bingo.Basically all depositing players are given a name of a player at Wimbledon and depending on how far into the tournament your player gets will decide on what bonus cash you get.

If your player is knocked out in round 1 then you get a big fat 0, but round 2 = £5.00 , round 3 = £6.00 , round 4 = £7 , quarter finals = £10.00 , semi - finals = £15.00 , finals = £20.00 and  champion = £25.00 . 

I have a chap called Mardy Fish, I have to say I have never heard of him but believe he has got into round 2 lol , so this means I have bagged myself at least a fiver so all is good.

To qualify for the promo all you have to do is wager £5.00 on bingo before the 26 th june. I think its great that Beacon Bingo are giving you a chance to see if your player is getting anywhere in the tournament prior to you having to wager / deposit. I have no idea who hubby has got as I can't get into my virgin emails so i deposited a tenner just incase.On my own acc I was lucky to win on one of the many free games at Beacon.

Beacon have regular free/super book games most nights, so if you don't want to deposit nip in and see if you can bag yourself a freebie win.

Wish you good luck xx