Beat the Blues with Fancy Bingo

Added 2015-01-08 08:06:54

It’s January and now that the fun of Christmas is over, we’re left with the rest of a chilly winter to contend with. But fear not as Fancy Bingo have a solution to all your problems – beat the blues by playing bingo with them and you just might win yourself a state of the art Dyson heater to keep you warm this winter!

Not only can you win this fantastic slim line heating solution, if you’re the lucky winner you’ll also get £500 towards your heating bills! There’s no need to freeze this winter as long as you make sure you’ve got tickets to the big bingo game to win this top prize.

It all kicks off at 9.30pm on Saturday 31st January but you can get your tickets from the lobby now for £2. Alternatively if you’re quick you can grab some for free! Simply play the no-lose qualifiers each Tuesday in January for your chance to win up to 60 free cards! Cards for these games are just 1p and even if you don’t win, you’ll still get 1 card to the big game.

So if you want to beat the chill and the January blues all at once, make sure you play at Fancy Bingo today!