Beat the midweek slump with Scope Bingo

Added 2015-12-16 09:24:00

Recently Scope Bingo hit the net with a bang. This long awaited, brand-spanking new bingo site arrived in style with plenty promotions ready for its new members. To ensure you never have to experience a dull hump day again, Scope bingo has premiered a number of exceptional bingo jackpots to brighten up your week.

This new site is giving its members the opportunity to bingo for an excellent jackpot with as little as 1p. In addition to its bi-monthly jackpots, Scope Bingo has two jackpots running every single week. Head to the bingo rooms every Wednesday at 8 pm and you can play for a £100 jackpot with a mere penny! To kick off your weekend, Scope Bingo is also hosting another jackpot game every Friday night at 8 pm where you can win up to £250. Tickets for Friday’s games cost a mere 10p!

There are also a number of prizes in both games for those who call a full house, 1TG and even 2TG. No longer should you fear the mid midweek slump with the arrival of Scope Bingo. This site is here to boost your spirits during the week and enter you into the weekend on a high. Scope Bingo is the new go-to for your weekly jackpot bonanza!