Beautiful Bingo Buddies

Added 2014-09-29 11:11:32

Hi there, I have just joined OhMyBingo and I must say that the people that play on here are very friendly and welcoming. I had no idea or clue in regards to the shorthand or jargon which is used on these sites but everyone was very helpful and quick to help. This is a tremendous way to meet or chat to new people and have a laugh whislt playing bingo and winning omps to win prizes. I thought there was a catch somewhere but i have been assured there is no catch which I just can not believe.

I am so happy I have found this online bingo site and the lovely people on it. Like a breath of fresh air. I am not sure if this is classed as a story but I would just like to put my opinion out there and let everyone know that there really are some nice guys and girls in the world :) happy bingoing and thanks guys