Become a Candy Collector at Candy Shop Bingo

Added 2016-01-23 11:01:00

We know you’re all big fans of bingo. It’s why you’re here after all. However, we also realise that sometimes you need a little break from bingo. That’s why instant games are so much fun! One of the best bonus games on the web is undoubtedly Candy Collector at Candy Shop Bingo. You may not be playing bingo in this game but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t fabulous bingo prizes awaiting you. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Candy Shop and earn some great rewards along the way. It’s all sugar and guilt free!

The aim of the game is to put Candy coins into Betty’s gumball machine to find matching coloured candies. Different colours will gain you different prizes. Insert 1 Candy Coin into the machine and you’ll get 1 candy in return. You can claim 2 free candies when you join Candy Shop Bingo and another free candy every time you redeposit. 3 blue candies will net you a £10 bingo bonus whilst 3 orange candies will get you a sweet £10 games bonus. These aren’t the only delicious treats on offer. 3 green candies will bag you a whopping 5,000 loyalty points and 5 rainbow candies gets you a huge £2,000 bonus!

Play this tasty bonus game on Candy Shop bingo today and sweeten up your life!