Become a Crocodile Dentist at Crocodile Bingo

Added 2016-05-24 07:28:00

Bruce is having a hard time over at Crocodile Bingo and he needs your help. This croc has some severe toothache. Pull out his tooth and you’ll can collect his funds from the tooth fairy. There are a tonne of bingo prizes up for grabs. The tooth fairy is feeling generous! Make sure you’ve added some cash to your account and you’ll be able to pull out a tooth every day.

This promotion is open to funded and non-funded players alike. However, funded players will have far more access to prizes. Non funded players will only be allowed to participate once.

To be considered a funded player, you must have added cash to your account at some point within the last 7 days. Then, you can play croc dentist every day!

Prizes vary and can include anything from real cash to crocodile points. Other possible rewards are bonus cash, deposit bonuses, diamonds or even free spins. Deposit bonuses won from this promo are subject to x4 wagering requirements, which is pretty low in comparison to other web promos.

Don’t delay, Brucie is in pain. Help him out at Crocodile bingo today and earn some top bingo rewards in the process.