Become A Tidy Saver At Tidy Bingo

Added 2014-11-17 07:59:40

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to prepare for some festive fun, but however, unless you are really organised then you’ll be that person scouring the shops for presents on Christmas Eve! Today we have details of something that might just make things a little easier for you in the future; it’s the brand new promotion from Tidy Bingo – Tidy Savers. This brand, who are renowned for their innovative ideas, have yet again come up with something that will help at Christmas, even if it still means you might be doing a shop!

This was an idea discussed by the players at Tidy Bingo during a session in their standalone room. Tidy Savers will give players the opportunity to save their loyalty points and then turn them into Love2Shop vouchers. These are perfect to give as Christmas gifts or to spend on presents. Tidy Savers is in effect, your very own little ‘Christmas savings club’, but the difference is, you won’t have to add your own money into it to see the rewards.

Tidy Bingo opens the doors to their standalone room, the Tidy Cupboard every Tuesday. In this room you will find an array of chat games that will earn you loyalty points. Win a chat game and you can decide whether you want to Bank or Take your points. Banking the points means to save them which in turn will provide you with the Love2Shop vouchers, and the value of your points will be halved. To Take the points means they simply get added straight to your player account where they can be used as bonus cash.

This promotion will commence on 30th December 2014 and will run right through until 24th November 2015, giving you plenty of time to rack up your points and secure your Love2Shop vouchers. It’s a great incentive from Tidy Bingo as you get to reap the rewards from simply playing the chat games and enjoying all the fun and excitement that goes with it. Join Tidy Bingo and start the New Year as a Tidy Saver!