Become a VIP superstar at Bingo Hollywood

Added 2011-08-10 17:52:31

Lights, camera, Bingo Hollywood! Bingo Hollywood is the place to play bingo if you want to feel like a true VIP superstar. That's because, every day, they crown a new Superstar of the Day. One player is chosen to receive 25,000 star points. Will it be you? If it is you, the privileges don't end there. When you bingo in any funded room, all other players receive 1000 points. It's the most prestigious bingo position, and you will certainly be the most popular person in the chat rooms if it is you.

Also at Bingo Hollywood you will find a fabulous new hat-trick bonus. If you bingo three times in a row in any funded 90 ball room, you get 5000 superstar points immediately credited to your account. Feeling lucky, punk? Then get to Bingo Hollywood, and see if you can win.

Join the glitterati at Bingo Hollywood today for your £30 free online bingo bonus. All you need to do is deposit £10, and the free cash is yours. You even get £5 free if you invite a friend -- the more people in your entourage, the better it is. You may even need a limousine for all your fans!

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Written by Tracy Garnett.