Become Roomie of the Month at Tidy Bingo

Added 2014-04-20 20:37:02

Tidy Bingo is a relatively new bingo site, which offers a choice of bingo games and promotions. Many of these promotions are completely unique and exclusively available to players at Tidy Bingo and not available to players across the rest of the 15 Network. One such offer is the chance to become Tidy Bingo’s Roomie of the Month, which is a title that’s awarded by the Tidy Team to the best player that month.

What exactly does it take to become Roomie of the Month at Tidy Bingo? Simply put, you have to be an active player at the site who is friendly and fun to be around. This award doesn’t go to the player who has wagered the most during the month. Nor does it go to the luckiest player, who has won the most during the month. Chat room and social activity is what scores the most points.

Although the award is decided based upon opinion, the Tidy Bingo Team has told us that the four most important factors to deciding the Roomie of the Month are as follows:

Activity of the Tidy Bingo Facebook page and interaction with the site’s Twitter page.

Chat involvement in the Tidy Cupboard (Tidy Bingo’s very own standalone bingo room) every Tuesday and Friday night.

Interaction with chat hosts and players in general

Continued support of Tidy Bingo

You see, nowhere on that list does it mention spending or winning – just interaction. Essentially, the players who have the most fun at Tidy Bingo are the players who will be nominated for the prestigious award and a great prize as well.

You can win all sorts of prizes if you become Roomie of the Month. This month’s prize is a The Only Way is Essex Cocktail Making Set (official merchandise) and 5,000 loyalty points, as well. So, if you want to be crowned as Roomie of the Month, you know what you have to do – have fun playing at Tidy Bingo!