Been a member of Little Big Bingo for a while now

Added 2011-01-14 11:56:03

Maybe I am being a little harsh,but I feel the need to have a moan lol

I have been playing at little big bingo for a couple of months,I started playing in the free games and then decided to deposit  £10.00,As most of you probably know I was lucky and won the full house of £500.00 in the friday night 1p per ticket special.      Ever since I pre buy my friday tickets,just incase as you never know I could be lucky again lol.                                                            Anyway this room has been closed for the past week and a half and I have not been able to buy my tickets.Obviously I have been gutted so a day or 2 ago I went to the little help room and asked if the room was closed for good or just for a period of time.                                                                      

My very unhelpful answer was  "It will be sorted". and that was that.

Now call me picky but what help was that lol. If they had said we have a problem with the room or were not sure whats happening yet I would have gone away a little happier but the comment I was given did not help in any way.

If any of you know whats happening,then I would love to know tyxxx

Best of luck xxxxxxxxx