Been having a go at Five Bingo

Added 2010-11-25 15:31:00

yesterday i had a lucky streak. I won 15 free bingo cards on the click to win promo on five bingo and just used them all in one game. i started off getting nowhere near on 1 and 2 lines but all of a sudden my numbers just came out one after the other and i managed to win £16. i carried on playing and managed to get my balance upto £55!

I have withdrew £35 and i played with the rest but sadly didnt win anymore. This morning though i managed to win another £30 on five bingo with my free cards aswell :)

Also last night i checked to see if my point rom the everyones a winner game on mirror bingo had gone on, when i logged in only 25ps worth were there but instead of saving them i brought 5 tickets in a room and left the site not thinking much of it. I logged in an hour later and i must of won the full house a there was £14 in my account, after paying bingo and slots i got my balance upto £60, withdrew £50 and played with £10.

I also won £5 on sing for free but that quickly went lol